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What could be good for? Essentially nothing, as you probably guessed. So what about turbo? Okay, here is the story: The internet name "" was no longer available. This is probably because its cosmic attraction is simply out of bounds: Double zero, forget it, that was also taken; Hypezero, megazero, all accounted for already. Triple zero was still available for a couple of grands, which seems out of proportion with vacuity, however multiple. So, what to do?

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Was there any hope of preserving the ultimacy of zero in a fresh Internet name? Somewhat concerned with the mounting threat of unstoppable nullity, Elisabeth proposed the prefix "turbo", as a kind of counterweight.

The juxtaposition of turbo and zero was far-fetched enough to be still available as an Internet domain name, so there it is,, with pride!

In any case, a good excuse to learn the webcraft. Will it ever be useful? Dunno. Content? Probably Professor Guvinoff's dictionary, some of Ed Lockhart poetry, family pictures, essays of all kinds, and links to favorite websites.